Saturday, March 26, 2011

Elecsol AGM Battery Range

Introducing the NEW Elecsol AGM Battery Range.
These new AGM batteries have been designed for applications from marine and solar to such diverse areas as floor scrubbing machines, portable traffic lights, coach builders and emergency service vehicles.
Elecsol have worked tirelessly to create the ultimate in deep cycle battery technology that is currently available. Offering an incredible unlimited 7 year warranty and the Elecsol carbon fibre AGM deep cycle battery having a 15 year floating design life.

The Carbon Fibre Battery technology employed in this new range of advanced batteries significantly increases the cycle life compared to conventional AGM / Gel designs. This is achieved by the provision of reinforced carbon fibre matrix within the oxide paste eliminating completely oxide shredding whilst inhibiting sulphating of the plates.

Carbon Fibre is not only a strong material but also an excellent electrical conductor. When used in the manufacturing process it reinforces the lead plates. Millions of strands of carbon fibre build up the conductive network within the grid. This gives a greater plate surface area able to absorb the charging current faster and more efficiently

Elecsol Range of AGM batteries discharge by only 0.5%- 0.7% per month; this means that they can be stored for longer without the need for recharging.

All of the electrostatic acid is contained in the glass mats, the battery cannot spill even when broken making this AGM battery non hazardous and suitable for transportation in aircraft.

The charging voltage of the Elecsol AGM battery is the same as any standard battery.

There is no need for special adjustments or problems with incompatible chargers or charge controllers, sine the internal resistance is extremely low so there is no heating of the battery even under heavy charge or discharge, these AGM batteries have no charge or discharge current restriction.

Elecsol batteries complement the use of solar panels; they are capable of accepting even the smallest amount of charging current.

To request a free information booklet regarding the Elecsol AGM battery Range contact our customer service on 0800 335 7 338 or email us

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